Opening of The Meath Home, 4 August 1892


The Meath lies out of sight on the far side of Godalming's present railway station.The Countess of Meath bought Westbrook Place in about 1890 and it was opened as a home for epileptic women and girls on 4th August 1892 by the Duchess of Albany, Queen Victoria's daughter-in-law. It was first called The Meath Home of Comfort for Epileptics and is now called The Meath

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The Meath Home and its staff.

This building was Westbrook Place until it was converted into The Meath Home in 1892.

Image: John Young Collection, GIOPP 3,36



.. after the extension was built on the left

image: Godalming Museum, ref 3744



This photograph shows the preparations for the Duchess's arrival at Godalming Old Station, which was at the junction of Meadrow and Chalk Road.

The entrance to the Old Station is garlanded.

The Railway Hotel is in the background looking very different then, as it faced onto Station Way and the Old Station.

The banner along the front of the hotel reads "The RAOB welcomes Her Royal Highness". 'RAOB' stands for the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffalos, which held meetings at the hotel.


image: Godalming Museum, ref 542



This is the same place a little later, when the coach for transporting the Duchess to The Meath Home had arrived.

image: Godalming Museum, ref 543



This shows the preparations in the High Street, with the building now occupied by Robert Dyas on the left.

The 'A of the decoration stands for 'Albany'.

image Godalming Museum, ref 544



This shows the scene further up the High Street, looking back towards the river, with the Angel Hotel (now Angel Place) on the left.

image: Godalming Museum, ref 545



This is from the same spot but looking towards the Pepperpot

image: Godalming Museum, ref 546



This shows the procession carrying the Duchess of Albany to open The Meath Home on 4 August 1892.

The procession rounding the Pepperpot, with the mayor and civic dignatories welcoming the Duchess.

image: Godalming Museum, ref 548



This shows the preparations in Church Street.

image: Godalming Museum, ref 547




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