Second World War, 1939-45

War was declared on 3 September 1939

The war ended in Europe on 4 May 1945 and in Asia on 9 September 1945


A party in Peperharow Road to celebrate the end of the Second World War


image: Godalming in Old Picture Postcards, vol 4, no. 58



British Restaurants were set up in most towns to provide a basic level of food. Godalming's was in Angel Yard


Photograph: HTC



Many houses were requisitioned during the Second World War. This is The Hill in Wormley, which was requisitioned and then demolished in 1952


image: Godalming in Old Picture Postcards, vol 4, no. 36



During the war, Witley Park was used as an officer selection centre

The stables were used by Canadian soldiers. Long after the war, this bathing pavilion was being refurbished and a grenade was found hidden in the roof. Bomb disposal experts took it to Thursley Common and detonated it.

Source: Witley Park
Conference Centre booklet

Photograph: HTC



During the Second World War the basement Branksome House in Filmer Grove was reinforced against bomb blast and the house served as a district control centre.

Many items were stored there, including rope, firemen's axes, acetylene flares, steel helmets and stretchers.

Source: Clive Downes

Photograph: Godalming Museum, ref 675



A Heinkel that crashed near Busbridge Lakes in April 1942


image: Godalming in Old Picture Postcards, vol 4, no. 57



This memorial stands in a field beside Hambledon Road. It commemorates the crash and the death of the German airmen who were killed (see above)


Photograph: HTC



.. and this is the plaque on the memorial


Photograph: Lady Brunton


Between 1942 and 1944, there was a camp on Witley Common for Canadian soldiers.

Some of the huts that had formed the Algonquin Military Camp on Witley Common were used to house Rodborough Hill School when it was founded in 1951


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