Bridge Street

looking towards Guildford


This gets its name because it leads to the Town Bridge, but it has previously been known as The Stream, Water Lane and Watery Lane because of the flow of water down it. This water is said to have flowed down Brighton Road and into Bridge Street in times of heavy rain.



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Bridge Street, looking north-east in about 1950


Godalming Museum, ref 1196.46


From the Town Bridge end, possibly about 1920. 



Postcard: Godalming Museum, ref 3374


From the High Street end


Postcard: Godalming Museum, ref Woods H2 p218


This photograph shows The Great House on the left and must have been taken before it was demolished in about 1860.


Photograph: Godalming Museum, ref 2545a


This sketch dates from 1837 and shows another group of buildings, Toft's Buildings, lower down the street, just about the time they were demolished.


Sketch: Godalming Museum, ref Woods H2 p310


This 18th century drawing shows the same scene, with the same building on the left and more detail on the right

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Drawing: Woods H2 p313



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