The Local History Galleries

The Living Landscape


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Explore the prehistory of the local area, the origins of the town and the main themes of its history. Investigate the museum’s fossil collection and displays of archaeological finds from the Stone Age to the Saxons. The hands-on activities around the tree are a particular favourite with younger visitors. Don’t miss the Labours of the Months stained glass

The Victorian Kitchen




Travel back to a time before dishwashers and washing machines, before electricity and gas, and discover the ingenious and practical solutions people found to the everyday challenges of cooking, cleaning and lighting and heating their homes

The Knitting Gallery



Godalming’s association with the woollen industry dates back to medieval times ; the town’s last knitting factory closed in 1990. This gallery features framework knitting machines from Godalming’s Victorian and 20th century knitwear companies: Allen & Solly; Pitchers’; Paine’s and Jaeger

The Collections Store #2



This is the museum’s open collections store, where you can view hundreds of local history objects, dating from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Since its foundation in 1921, the museum has acted as the collective memory for the town and surrounding area. Join the conversation; use the ballot box to tell us what you think we should be collecting now

Community Curators



The central cases in the Collections Store host a programme of temporary exhibitions. Come and enjoy the collections, expertise and enthusiasm of our guest curators and if you have an idea for an exhibition, let us know