The People's Gallery


This display of images and associated texts gives the story of Godalming and the surrounding area as told through the lives of over 300 local characters: the founder of Georgia; the hero of the Titanic; the rabbit woman of Godalming; artists; scientists; voluntary workers; poets and sporting heroes, they are all here - and if they aren’t, you can add them. The display is constantly developing as visitors nominate new people to Godalming’s own ‘Hall of Fame’. Here are some examples:

Helen Allingham
Julius Caesar
Sir Winston Churchill
Myles Birket Foster
Aldous Huxley
Gertrude Jekyll


no image available



Sir Edwin Lutyens
George Leigh Mallory
General James Oglethorpe
John Wornham Penfold
Jack Phillips
Mary Tofts
Hugh Thackeray Turner
George Frederic Watts
Percy Woods
James Whitaker Wright


In addition to the above biographies, this site also has an account of an infamous murder and public hanging.

part of the scaffold
now in the church spire
Chennell and Chalcraft


About 60 people are covered on this website. For a full list of the people's files available, click here


In the People's Gallery and downstairs in the Exhibition Gallery you can explore the fascinating ‘Images of Godalming’ programme which gives you access to hundreds of old photographs, prints and drawings and maps of the local area, as well as to a wealth of historical detail about the development of the town and surrounding villages.

The People's Gallery also holds a display of finds from the areas of Witley Common that were occupied by army camps in the two world wars

In the backround of this image you can see the workings of the old town clock, which still keeps time for the museum

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